Birds, Bees & Butterflies - Bemidji

Birds, bees, and butterflies have several things in common – they all depend on native plants; they play an important role in pollination; and all face increasing pressures from loss of habitat, diseases, and non-native invasive competitors. 

But there are things we can do to help! One of the most important is to add native plants to our gardens and landscapes

Click the flyer above to see BB&B's Top Ten Native Plants for birds and pollinators in 2018. Try planting them in YOUR garden or landscape!

The Mississippi Headwaters Audubon Society, Bemidji Monarch Project committee and several other local organizations and businesses have joined together in a campaign called "Birds, Bees & Butterflies - Bemidji" to promote the planting of native trees, shrubs, and wildflowers in our community to benefit birds and pollinators. By planting a native plant garden, or just adding native species to your existing landscape, you can attract colorful birds and pollinators to your yard or business.

WHAT'S HAPPENING? (download summary of 2018 activities)

***Check back soon for 2019 events and activities

Demonstration plantings: Several gardens and landscape projects featuring beneficial native plants are planned of have been established:

2017 - Bemidji Library, North Country Park, Lincoln Elementary School, Headwaters School of Music and Arts, Rail River Folk School

2018 - Watermark Art Center, Bemidji Middle School, Sanford Bemidji Cancer Center meditation garden, BSU campus plantings, Leech Lake Tribal College 


"How to get started with native plants" community workshop.  May 22, 6pm (see flyer)

"Native plants in downtown planters and small spaces" June 6, noon program downtown (register here, search for 'Native Plant Workshop')

2018 Top 10 Native Plants promotion: 

Ten native plants important to birds and pollinators are being highlighted for people in the Bemidji area to consider adding to their yards, gardens and planters. There are two early season blooming wildflowers, two mid-season, two late season, three shrubs, and one tree (see flyer)

We are working with local nurseries and garden centers to have these available for their customers. Look for a special sales promotion event June 16-17!

The Bemidji Garden Club will have some of these Top Ten Native Plants at their annual plant sale, May 19th at the Beltrami County Fairgrounds.  

Other Events: Join us for our 2018 Bemidji Bird City celebration June 30, and our 2nd annual Monarch Festival in August (more details to follow).

"Birds, Bees, Butterflies & Bemidji” signs are being placed in bird and pollinator-friendly gardens, planters and landscapes around town. Bemidji residents and visitors can look for them around downtown businesses, planters, City parks, and on the Bemidji State University campus. 

Local nurseries and garden centers are using "Birds, Bees, & Butterflies - Bemidji" signs to highlight native plants they have for sale in their greenhouses. 

Localized Information: Project Partners created a brochure about native species to plant in the Bemidji area to benefit birds and pollinators. It is available at local garden centers. A more comprehensive list of native wildflowers, trees, and shrubs; and other helpful information can be found by clicking the "Bemidji Native Plant Resources and Guides" button below.

Birds, Bees & Butterflies Bemidji Partners:

* Mississippi Headwaters Audubon
* Bemidji Parks and Recreation Dept
* Bemidji Garden Club
* Bogs & Logs - MN Master Naturalists
* Bemidji State University
* Beltrami County Master Gardeners

* Bemidji Downtown Alliance
* Nature's Edge Garden Center
* Hills Country Greenhouse
* Deer Haven Greenhouse
* Ace On The Lake Hardware
* Cenex Country Store