Neilson Spearhead Center              

MHAS owns and manages a 466-acre tract of prime wilderness southwest of Bemidji, Minnesota surrounding Spearhead Lake. 

The Neilson Spearhead Center (NSC) is located approximately 11 miles southwest of Bemidji, Minnesota, and is a non-profit 501(c)3 environmental science facility owned and managed by the MHAS. It includes 460 acres of land in Hubbard County. The land was acquired by George W. Neilson in the 1930s. In 1978, George Neilson’s daughter, Katharine Neilson Cram, donated the property to The Nature Conservancy, which later deeded it to the MHAS.

Protected Forever

The MHAS board of directors acknowledges that the NSC is a very special place that should be protected into the future. In order to ensure this, the MHAS entered it into a perpetual conservation easement with the Minnesota Land Trust on April 6, 1999. Today the NSC property remains in MHAS ownership and the title ensures protection remains in place regardless of future land ownership.

Our stewardship responsibility includes maintaining the integrity of the natural communities present on the NSC property and providing opportunities for experiential education and research.

Contact MHAS by e-mailing the organization at or by calling (218) 444-8672 (caretakers) or 225-810-5591 (Jaime). We’d love to hear from you!

Visitor Rules: 

Permission is required for groups larger than 6 people using NSC property at one time. Please contact us at for more information. Hunting, camping, and public swimming at the Neilson Spearhead Center is not allowed.