Spearhead Young Naturalist Program


Join a summer tradition on the shores of Spearhead Lake, 9 miles south of Bemidji, sponsored by the Mississippi Headwaters Audubon Society. Nature-loving kids have been coming to the YNP since 1985, spending memorable weeks wading in streams and cattail swamps, hiking and foraging on the miles of trails, canoeing and swimming, and listening wide-eyed to tales of Spearhead mysteries. Kids entering grades 2 through 12 are welcome; just bring curiosity and enthusiasm for sometimes muddy and messy fun outdoors.

Sessions run from 9 am to 3:30 pm daily. There's an overnight camping experience on July 18 and Aug 8.

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All sessions are full, except for July 8 and Aug 12
There are waitlists started for July 15,July 6,Aug 5

Grades 8-12       Dan's Crew          June 17-21                  $20/day or $75 

Dan’s Crew is more than just a work week.  You will become part of Neilson Spearhead by experiencing what Spearhead has to offer.  You will “eat” your way through the woods and work on trail maintenance and building projects while learning valuable skills such as woodcraft, survival skills and orienteering.

            Dan's Crew is FULL, as of June 10

Grades 6-8         Pines, Lakes, & Rivers             July 15-19 or Aug 5-9                                    $175 (includes 1 overnight on July 18 or Aug 8)

            Session 4  July 15-19 is FULL, as of April 5
            Session 7  Aug 5-9 is FULL, as of April 14

By hiking and canoeing, you will explore the diverse ecology of the woodlands and waterways of Lake Spearhead.  Have a relaxing time around the fire telling stories and listening to the night sounds. Camp out in the woods on July 19 or Aug 9.


Grades 4-6         Nature Mystery   July 8-12       or   July 29-Aug 2                               $155/session 

           2 spaces left in July 8 session as of July 1

           Session 6  July 29-Aug 2 is FULL, as of April 9 

Tracks, carrion, scat, bugs, rubs and gnaw marks.  You will crack the code by using the puzzling clues that nature leaves behind. Hike, swim, and canoe, too.


Grades 2-4        Trees, Tales, & Trails     June 24-28  or  July 22-26   $155/session

Focused on activities for grades 2-4, explore the woods and waters as you learn about everything from tasty plants and bugs, to trees and birds. There will be lots of fun but don’t expect to stay clean.

         3 spaces left in June 24 session as of June 10 

         Session 5 July 22-26 is FULL, as of June 10 

All Ages           Family Week                  Aug 12-16         $160                                                (optional overnight on Aug 15)         

Siblings, friends and parents welcome during this week of favorite Young Naturalist activities. Swim in the warm sparkling waters of Spearhead Lake, try canoeing, hike on the trails, play games, and listen to the legends of Spearhead. There will be an optional family overnight on Thursday.

          7 spaces left as of July 1

10% discount for Audubon members OR siblings.  Call 218-586-3414 or email headwatersaudubon@gmail.com for more information on the 2019 Young Naturalist Program. Contact during the sessions  218-214-2312

What kind of experiences do the Young Naturalists have?

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